July 21, 2016     Mary & Joyce in the pool:
Mary in a waistcoat over a longsleeve, black pants, boots and black socks,
Joyce in a black blazer over a tshirt, black pants, boots and purple socks.
At the end, they take their boots off.
    11:15 min. movie
(720p/1080p MP4, 581 Mb)

and 159 images
(partly done with a simple camera, 
and unfortunately no dry photos this time, the dry part only in the movie)

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    July 17, 2016     Sheila & Shannon in the shower:
Sheila in a leather jacket over a top, tight black pants, boots and dark socks,
Shannon in a green dress, patterned pantyhose and high boots.
At the end, they take each other's boots off.
    7:48 min. movie
(720p/1080p MP4, 405 Mb)

and 153 images