February 15, 2018     Diane & Mary in a lake wearing jeans:
Diane with a longsleeve and shoes, Mary with a leather jacket over a black shirt and sports shoes.
In the second half of the movie, Mary takes her jacket off,
and at the very end (only in one of the photosets), they take their shoes (and Mary also her socks) off.
    8:57 min. movie
(1080p MP4, 463 Mb)
and 2 series of images
(made simultaneously):
164 and 152 images

    February 11, 2018     Eva in the shower in grey jeans, a tshirt, dark shoes and panty socks.
Near the end, she takes her shoes off.
At the end, she takes her boots off.
    5:59 min. movie
(1080p MP4, 444 Mb)
and 148 images