September 19, 2021

Maike in the shower, wearing stretch jeans, a camouflage print jacket over a top and small boots.
At the end, she takes her boots and socks off.
5:12 min. movie (MP4, 1080p, 499 Mb)
and 137 images

September 16, 2021

Melissa and Michella in a lake, wearing black pants, shirts and sports shoes,
Melissa with a black blazer, Michella with a leather jacket.
In the second half, they both take their jackets off, and at the end, also their shoes and socks come off.
5:02 min. movie (MP4, 4K and 1080p,
1,36 Gb / 484 Mb, unfortunately with some windnoise)
and 105 images
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