January 27, 2023

Sandra takes a shower wearing black pants, a white tshirt and boots.
At the end, she takes her boots and socks off.
5:58 min. movie (MP4, 1080p, 570 Mb)
and 118 images

January 24, 2023

Ella & Lotte take an outdoor shower in the garden.
Ella is wearing a dress, pantyhose and boots,
Lotte is in a skirt, sweater, pantyhose and sports shoes.
They take a bath in a small pool afterwards, without their shoes/boots,
and finally return to the shower and wash their hair with shampoo.
11:06 min. movie (MP4, 4K and 1080p,
2,98 Gb / 1,03 Gb)
and 222 images
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